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Navigate the ocean of app marketing

One dashboard to rule your campaigns

Skipper is a KPI-based algorithmic mobile app distribution platform.

It uses real-time behaviour patterns crossed with programmatic media buying to get your campaign the best possible results.

Whether you’re a publishing house, standalone app marketer, digital media house, or a multi-national agency, this is the last ad platform you’ll ever need.

Real-time KPI driven

Real-time KPI-driven

Our unique algorithm optimizes campaign targeting and spending based on your results in real-time.

Machine learning

Machine learning

Our algorithmic platform learns what works best and then continues to improve. The more you use Skipper the better it gets.

The master controller

The master controller

Programmatically aggregated from tens of thousands of media sources all over the globe, Skipper gives you one controlling dashboard.

Reach everyone. Everywhere.

Reach everyone. Everywhere.

Skipper’s API is connected to hundreds of global and local mobile ad networks and exchanges including Facebook and Google.

Stop switching browser tabs

Stop switching browser tabs

Google, Facebook, Outbrain, Taboola and thousands of mobile networks in one unified dashboard and in one browser tab.

SmartLogic - Rule Engine

SmartLogic – Rule Engine

Create campaigns using your set KPI’s for improving results using smart rule-based ad delivery.

A Drop of sense

Skipper was created out of our on going frustration with the current state of mobile app marketing options. These confusing ad networks and exchanges whose best interest is leaving their customers (hey, that’s you) in the dark with out knowing what’s really working. When something is working and new users are coming in…then the scale and volume issue appears immediately. No scale. Very low volume, and still… you are in the dark. We started from our self’s, based on years of experience in the mobile marketing industry we wanted a platform that would give us all we need for distributing our customers apps. A platform that would make our life’s easier, generating on going better results. Making us more efficient at work.

Ocean of Growth

Set your KPIs, watch your ROI grow Based on intelligent mechanisms which optimizes ad delivery until you’ve squeezed all the juice out of that media source, then it continue to the next source and optmization again. All fully automated.
Ad infinitum.
The algorithms ’ work is two-fold: it optimizes the campaigns for high traffic AND for the highest quality traffic.


  • Campaign and territories
  • Budget & Daily Caps
  • Cost model


  • KPI’s
  • Rules


  • All-in-One dashboard!
Whether you are an
Advertiser, Publisher or App developer
Skipper is the last ad platform you will need for generating new users to your app

You name it you got it:

Adjust Skipper to your unique campaign needs and data:

  • High level detailed segmentation and targeting

  • Balance point: adjust parameters. Price vs Quality vs Quality

  • Tap in to app store charts, see the effect in app store and play ranking

  • Choose your own preferred business model: CPM/CPC/CPI/CPD/CPE

Start getting better results. Now.

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